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"Helping One Life at a  Time"


"Help Save Tent City

We someone to donate some land

or a building so we

can provide homes

for the people that have been displaced from the flood..

Summer is almost here! Items needed are candles and

bus passes

Will you please help.


Log on to the

"Help The


click here



Eljiah's House


End Time Warrior's



Web Hosting


Domain Names



Homeless Nashville.com 100% of your donations go to help the homeless.

The recent flood has condimened Tent City. It is no longer inhabitable. read more...

See photos of the flood. Watch news report on tent city Click here

"When you've done this to the least of these , You've done this unto me" Matt 24:40. 







and professionals

to help

you or

your company

Click Here.


If you would like to volunteer please contact us. If you would like to Link to this site, or have you site or church mentioned on this site, please contact us.

God Bless...




100% of all donations go to help the homeless

of Nashville, TN.  

For large donation please make to

Wilson Bank and Trust, Hermitage, TN

Resources Involved in helping the Homeless in Nashville.

"Help For The Homeless"

"EndTime Warriors"

"Servant of the Lord"

"Loaves and Fishes"

Your Site Here

"Nashville Homeless Power Project"

"Nashville Rescue Mission"

"Nashville Tent & Awning Co

If you would like to be listed on this site please contact us.

That is what this site is for. A resource hub for everyone who is trying to help and those who would like to help..

Go to the contact page and submit your request. Click here.

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